Pro Nail Polish Drying UV Lamp

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This machine acts just like a professional nail dryer that one would find in a beauty salon. It dries all forms of polish including gel and acrylic. It's perfect for curing and setting nails so that they look absolutely stunning.

How to Use:

  1. Connect the adapter.
  2. After starting the machine, set the timer.
  3. The sync buttons are 10 s, s 30 s, s 60 s, 99S.
  4. Put hands in the machine and the infrared sensor will automatically start. Maximum operating time is 120 seconds.
  5. The default power supply is general power. Press the S button 99 s for about 2 s, the power will be doubled or canceled twice (the power is double in 10 s. 30 s. 60 s) by pressing 99 s (about 0.5 s) the output power will automatically incrementally increase.
  6. The display screen shows the corresponding synchronization time, s when using s 10 s, s 30 s, 60 s buttons for synchronization, display time-countdown. S when using the 99s button and the infrared sensor for synchronization, the display screen shows the timer.


  • 1.42 /36 pieces UV-LED beads (365 405nm)
  • Maximum Power: 90 W/54W/36W
  • Rated Input Voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Product Size: 230 x 210 x 105 mm/220mm x 200mm x 95mm

1 X Pro Nail Polish Drying UV Lamp
1 X Power Supply
1 X User Manual

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