AIYIMA Audio 6J1 Tube Preamplifier Bluetooth 5.0 with Treble & Bass Adjustment

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As The Tube Bluetooth Amp

Enjoy superior wireless audio experiences with CSR APTX low latency audio




✔ Bluetooth/RCA input modes selectable -- The output is made of gold-plated RCA lotus seat, which is durable and beautiful!; The board layout is reasonable, beautiful, and the current is small

✔ Bluetooth 5.0 Lossless transmission -- Bluetooth 5.0 version; Tube can be replaced with:6J1/6J2/6J4/6K4/GE5654/6AK5/6Ж1п

✔ With Treble Bass Control -- Treble & Bass control can achieve different sound style. Tube A3 PRO is a perfect Tube preamp for your home Audio Amplifier system, use it can to achieve purer music experience.

TUBE A3-PRO Vacuum Tube Preamplifier With Bluetooth 5.0

1. The product is a Vacuum tube preamp, not a power amplifier or phono amplifier. And it can not be used in cars, turntables also cannot be used directly for headphones, speakers, pls see the product Connection Diagram!

2. Do not use cheap audio signal lines These lines are not shielded by themselves. the probability of the bottom noise current is very large, it is recommended to use a good audio cable or power supply.

3. Make sure that there is no problem with your own audio source. The preamplifier has its own preamplifier function. If the audio source itself has noise, then the preamplifier will only amplify its noise. Please use a good sound source test.

4. Check whether the tube is plugged into the base before to use. Be sure to the machine is energized and working normally.

5. The preamplifier has 3-5 times power amplification. If the sound is broken, you can adjust the volume control to control the power output to prevent breakage.

6.Because the production batch is different, Blue/AUX input select button have a little different, Pls know it.


Working indicator diagram (Must be install the Bluetooth antenna before use)

 1- AUX/Bluetooth input Cutover Function: When you cutover to AUX Working mode, It's Red Light indicator

2- Switch working mode: Depress to switch Bluetooth mode; Red and Blue flashing; It's the status of Bluetooth waiting to be connected.

3- Bluetooth mode: Bluetooth connection is successful; It's Blue Light indicator


This Bluetooth 5.0 Vacuum tube preamp, With Bass and treble, Sound quanlity really good, Let you enjoy sweet and warm sound quality.(Note: Cannot be used on a record player and phonographs)

AUX / Bluetooth Audio input Manual switch mode, See the product description for more details, With DC12V/1A power supply(Do not use a power supply exceeding 12V)

Using the classical tube 6j1 design for easy replacement, Designed so the tube can be replaced, soft voice. Adopt the Dual run amplifier chip NE5532P power conversion module

Build quality is surprisingly solid, Nice touch! The power circuit is completely separate from the audio circuit, Minimizing interference for clear sound

This AIYIMA Tube A3 PRO is a preamplifier. It is not an audio amplifier. It needs to be connected to an powered speaker and a rear amplifier




Power Supply
DC12V 1.5A

Audio Input
Bluetooth/ AUX (connected to MP3, computer CD, DVD, mobile phone, etc. )

Audio Output
RCA (Power speaker; Amplifier + Passive speaker)

Frequency Response


With treble and bass adjustment

Treble Adjustment Range

Bass Adjustment Range

Black with Bluetooth 5.0/ Silver with Bluetooth 5.0

Size (L*W*H)
137*104*41MM/5.39*4*1.6inch (without tube height)




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